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Current audio productions

Audioguide ALBERTINA

Languages: GER | EN

Habsburg Staterooms
Languages: GER | EN | IT | CZ | RU | ES | UKR | FRA

Monet to Chagall
Languages: GER | EN | IT | CZ | RU | ES | UKR | FRA


Andy Warhol to Damien Hirst - The Revolution of Printmaking
Languages: GER | EN

Audio guide voucher validity

The audioguide voucher is valid for one year beginning on the date of purchase and covers all audio productions available at the time of your visit. We accept digital and home-printed audioguide vouchers.


  1. Your audioguide-voucher will be exchanged against an audioguide card at main entrance to the exhibitions.
  2. Switch on the free WIFI. Scan the QR or got to and enter the code printed on your card. Your audioguide is now on your cell phone or tablet. Keep your card and listen later again!
  3. Please, bring your earphones in order to enjoy the audiotour in the exhibitions.

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