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Andy Warhol bis Damien Hirst

The Revolution in Printmaking

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Editor: Klaus Albrecht Schröder und Constanze Malissa
Publishing Year: 2023
Language: German
Pages: 208
Dimensions: 28,5 x 24,5 cm, Hardcover
Weight: 1,4 kg
ISBN: 9783950534030
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The Revolution of Printmaking

"Andy Warhol to Damien Hirst" is the second part of the large print show in the anniversary year:
Print after 1960 differs radically from the history of printmaking of the previous five centuries through the principle of seriality, large-format works and screen printing as a new technique. The works are no longer created according to the model, but on the basis of photographed reality.
On display at the ALBERTINA MODERN are around 100 key works of art history, which represent major works in the ALBERTINA Museum's collection today. On occasion of this exhibition a 208 pages strong German-only exhibition catalogue is published, which contains texts about all represented artists.