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Rembrandt - Landscape Drawings

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Author: Achim Gnann
Language: German/ English
Pages: 368
Dimensions: 30,7 x 24,8 cm, Hardcover
Weight: 2,3 kg
Publisher: Michael Imhof Verlag
ISBN: 9783731909620
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Albertina curator Achim Gnann dedicates his new publication "Rembrandt. Landscape Drawings" to the artists virtuos depictions of nature.
Over the past 50 years, numerous works by Rembrandt Harmenszoon van Rijn (1606-1669) have been removed from the attribution to his oeuvre, but now Albertina curator Achim Gnann revises this.
Based on his many years of research, which has now been published in this publication, the art historian identifies a total of 260 landscape drawings as originals.
In his new book, Gnann focuses on the landscape drawings that Rembrandt created from around the mid-1630s to the mid-1650s and argues for a new chronology.