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Catalogue | Picasso

Masterpieces from the Albertina Museum

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Editor: Klaus Albrecht Schröder and Matthias Frehner
Publishing Year: 2023
Language: English
Pages: 160
Dimensions: 25 x 21 cm, Hardcover
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ISBN: 9783950534061
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Masterpieces from the Albertina Museum

Exactly half a century after his passing, the ALBERTINA Museum is commemorating the life and works of Pablo Picasso, that greatest and most influential artist of the 20th century—a pioneer of its first half with cubism, a central protagonist of symbolism during his Blue Period, a forerunner of the 1920s’ neoclassicist tendencies, and in his late works an ideal to be emulated by the neoexpressionist movements of the 1980s.
Accompanying this jubilee exhibition a 160 pages strong exhibition catalogue is published, which gives an overview of the ALBERTINA Museum’s Picasso holdings, and contains essays by Julia Eßl, Matthias Frehner, and Gisela Kirpiscenko.